Chandler Hayes

A Decatur native, Chandler Hayes grew up fascinated by the street art that rode through town every day on the side of trains. Their size, bright colors and dynamic compositions resonated with him. Chandler travelled extensively through out his child hood and always related to writing on the wall in big cities and far away places. Chandler studied sustainable tourism and graduated at the top of his class in 2008 from Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand. While overseas, Chandler sold hand painted skateboards in fashion boutiques and began to work with spray paint.
After returning to the States Chandler was asked to be the Artist in Residence at Historic Lincoln Mills in Huntsville, AL. During the years he was there, Chandler worked side by side with the management team and construction crew to create both large scale mural installations and studio works for the businesses and tenants on site. The century old, concrete textile mill was the perfect canvas for Chandler to develop his spray paint technique. The project gave Chandler the opportunity to collaborate with prestigious graffiti artists in a safe, professional environment and launched his career as a muralist.

Passionate about spray paint, Chandler's goal has been to dispel its negative connotations through education and community involvement. As a muralist, Chandler's clients commission him to produce quality works that reflect their values and practices in creating goodwill in their community and improving the quality of life for their regular patrons. Chandler has installed over ten thousand square feet of spray painted murals in city centers across North Alabama since 2010.

In 2013 Chandler moved his studio to his home town of Decatur, AL. Chandler Reached out to long-time collaborator Herb Underwood for a warehouse in Decatur to construct a studio and facilitate the burgeoning art economy. Since installing his studio in Decatur, Chandler has maintained on-going projects in Florida and Tennessee as well as partnering with local businesses like Decatur Container, Julia's Pools and Greenbrier Restaurant.

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