Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fly Mutant - All Rats Must Die

Last Fall, David Vaniche from Fly Mutant approached me about doing a collaborative project for his new Fall/Winter line of apparel. David and I had met the year before at the first Grind Nation at Cross Roads in Huntsville. He explained that he was intrigued by the idea of rats, and wanted to evoke the feeling of foggy London-town style brawlers. I immediately was reminded of Professor Rattigan from Disney's Great Mouse Detective. We met over the next few weeks developing concepts and ended up with some threads I believe would suit "the world's greatest Criminal Mind!"
David asked if we could do the show at my workshop gallery; Ralson Fine arts Show room. We did an installation in the gallery but opted to drop the new line as part of a show inside a box truck parked outside the Gallery. I had wanted to do a back-of-a-truck show like the homeboy shopping network. At the time I was the artist in residence at JBHM so I had a box truck at my disposal. My gallery manager Ben Shearin and I cleaned out the JBHM truck and installed the All Rats Must Die show complete with the limited run tees and crew necks. The collection was featured on Karmaloop and began my standing collaboration with David.
Fly Mutant

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