Thursday, April 3, 2014

Concrete Magazine - Location Scout

Shortly after I returned from Austin last spring, I turned around and went ahead of the film crew for Jurian Isabelle's latest installment of Grind Nation. The new event was scheduled to be a spring/summer release for all the participating designers and was dubbed Grind Nation : Paradise. We went to Pensacola, FL to shoot all the ads and promo for Paradise. Even though we didn't  move as scheduled, we had a great time and Jurian got great shots. I enjoyed getting the opportunity to be a "local" down at the beach. Jurian and the rest of the crew had never been to Pensacola. I had been based out of Gulf Shores that previous winter and have grown up part time on Pensacola beach where my folks live. It was great to hit the beach with everybody from Huntsville and they all went home excited about Paradise and all the great footage from the beach! I stayed behind to catch up with my folks and to do an installment of my own in Pensacola.

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