Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chattanooga - Co Lab

Andrew Rodgers asked me to come out to an event that he was a part of in Chattanooga last spring. I had worked with Andrew before at Lincoln Mills, and was looking forward to re-connecting and seeing what he was working on. He was working in Knoxville at the time as a consultant, but he confessed to me that he was looking to plug in to Co Lab in Chattanooga where he lived. Co Lab is a business accelerator and has been at the center of Chattanooga's burgeoning Start-up scene for the past few years.

Andrew had been asked to be a part of Co Lab's 3D Printing conference. Even though they have a state of the art facility downtown, Co lab hosted the event, like many others, at the Chattanooga public library. Andrew was the consultant for a
fabrication firm in Knoxville at the time and had asked me to come and we developed this piece on the spot. He remembered that I used to leave spray caps around Lincoln "like pink cookie crumbs!" there as no pink PVC on hand at the printer we were using but we created this 3D printed crumb at the demo. After wards we went with his partner Shelli out to the river to ride down the hill with the other locals!

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