Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ralson Room - Rain Shop

In May of 2013 I was approached by David Ralson, Decatur business owner and arts activist. We met and he shared with me his hopes to facilitate the effort in downtown Decatur to become an art economy and contribute to the burgeoning art scene. He gave me a tour of his building on Bank street and asked me if I could use it. We cleared out the ground floor, which had become a make shift storage facility. Once there was some space, I hosted art shows and events during the 3rd Friday street festivals. Each third friday from May to October I worked with local and national artists to host relevant works amidst the local festival. It has been a great way to meet and plug into the community of business owners in Downtown Decatur.
The first show we hosted at the newly dubbed Ralson Fine Arts Showroom ('Ralson Room') was Rain Shop - freshwater funk. In an effort to pull together something distinct for the first 3rd Friday event, I contacted my brother Cayce. An accomplished musician and long-time collaborator, Cayce and his dog 'Outsidey' came down from Memphis. Ben Shearin my new gallery manager had just moved in from Atlanta and signed on to help me with the show series and facilitate a collaborative show with Cayce. We all went out to Gallant, AL and produced the music and art for the inaugural effort.
The show was a slim turn out as the rain brought in an unseasonable cold front, But it was a great opportunity to meet the core group at the 3rd Fridays, and to relax after our impromptu collaborative show. I looked forward to working with David and refining the show space.

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