Thursday, March 27, 2014

Decatur Container - MMXIV Summer Series

This spring I am excited to announce that Neal Sellers at Decatur Container has asked me to be the artist in residence this summer. Starting at Valley Fest in Huntsville, AL on May 10 I will be doing a series of mural demos as well as installing pieces at Decatur Container until the end of September. The series will focus on the land and animals of North Alabama.
 The first Time I worked with Neal was last spring at the Carnegie Carnival. Kim MItchell at the Carnegie asked me what surface I wanted for the art demo at the carnival. I asked about containers and she set me up with Neal. When I showed up to paint I was pleased to find not one beat up box, but three clean containers painted white. I painted them all in time for the parade, and had the chance to visit with downtown Decatur. One of the locals who approached me was Neal who offered "to drop a container any time I had a show."
Decatur Daily's Article on my installation for the Carnegie

Since then I have had the opprotunity to do Decatur Container art demos at events such as The Moulton Chicken and Egg Festival, 3rd Friday Downtown Decatur, Valley Fest and the most recent Carnegie Carnival. The collaborative effort with Decatur Container comes from an idea while
I was the artist In residence at Lincoln Mills. We were appropriating shipping containers for all different purposes. They were in close proximity as it was a construction project, and I began to notice their presence at other transitional (and unsightly) construction zones all over North Alabama. I saw it as an opportunity to create goodwill for a container company and a chance to broach genuine scale for an artist.

ince then, Decatur Container has left a standing installation on I-65 of my works as well as deploying my current painted containers to construction clients such as Wal-Mart and McDonald's. They have also appeared alongside local construction and storage projects.
 The goal is to use art as a beautification element as well as visual comfort in dirty or unattractive areas. The benefit for Decatur Container is to distinguish their brand both in the community and in the industry. Their efforts are substantiating the impact of construction on their clients' immediate communities, and acting on it. The installed containers are covered with vibrant colors and act as pop up murals in unsightly construction or storage areas.My works have been done in public deployed to corporate build sites in my local community and then placed on display at the Decatur Container lot in plain view of I 65.This summer the commissioned series will similarly disseminate across north Alabama and stand as one of the only legitimate mobile collections of large spray painted works.
Check back for updates, and come out to Valley Fest on May 10.
Decatur Container featured in local documentary

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