Saturday, March 29, 2014

Downtown Decatur - ABC Building

This past summer, Herb Underwood commissioned me to do a piece at his downtown property. The wall covered my rent that month and Herb was reimbursed by Connie and Rick at Downtown Decatur
Redevelopment Authority. Herb asked me if I could get it done that day, and I was excited to do something "graffiti fast." I borrowed a paint sprayer from Ronnie Moore at Back Alley Bistro and Herb had the Prop Shop bring out some booths. Herb helped me get the base layer on and then I worked all afternoon and night.
 Aaron McDaniel, William Lawler and Jason Sharp all came out and sat at the booths. It was great to see all of them together at once. Ronnie even came out at one point, it was like a reunion!
 All of us (except William) were G!ANTs and I thought some of us were rivals (even William.) I was anxious up on the ladder as they came out and smoked and talked watching me paint like a movie. But I was relieved that everyone came out to be supportive and to watch. Prop Shop brought out lights around sunset, and I came down for a break to chat. Herb had come back and was raving about the wall. I finished it up later that night and the piece was the first of its kind in River City. The wall has served as a backdrop for several events in downtown Decatur and continues to be a frequent reminder of the sense of community i feel in Decatur.
ABC Building, William Lawler and myself featured in Decatur Daily

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